Recipes for Cats

Raw or Cooked | Balanced to NRC standards | Adjustments Included

Current turn around – within 5 business days

Proactive Recipe for Adults

A recipe tailored for an adult cat, based on their size and specific nutrient requirements. 30 minutes of adjustment time and follow-up is also included for any changes and questions. Cat must be generally healthy (food intolerances are okay).

Ingredients lists are provided by the owner, based on what is accessible, affordable and practical to them.

Included is a shopping list and a full nutritional analysis. For RFN Spreadsheet users, you will also receive formatted data to easily input the recipe to your own spreadsheet.

Multiple Cats (Clowder) Formulations

All cats must be generally healthy. If there is a cat with significant ingredient limitations, a clowder formulation may not be appropriate.

1 Recipe for 1 Cat: $40
2 Recipes for 1 Cat: $70
3 Recipes for 1 Cat: $100
Additional Cats: $10/recipe

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Premade Recipes

I have a few raw NRC balanced recipe for healthy adult cats available for purchase in the RFN store here.

You can view the ingredient list for these recipes before purchasing the recipe, and all recipes are designed to be entered into the RFN Sheet for further customization and alterations as desired.

Recipes must be fed according to feeding chart in order to meet nutritional guidelines. If you need a weight loss recipe, please contact me.

Price: $10/recipe

If you need help with substitutions, weight loss or have other questions regarding a premade recipe, please contact me.

Clinical Recipes and Growth Recipes

I am currently referring all clinical (for cats with health conditions), growth, weight loss and other advanced conditions to Bonnie Edkin. You can reach her at