Precise Formulations for Tailored Nutrition

Better Cells started in as a small project to create a pet diet auditing tool – one that would help people easily navigate the intricacies of nutritional science. I partnered with Raw Fed and Nerdy to release the project, the RFN Formulation Sheet in May 2019. Since then, the RFN Sheet has helped thousands of pet owners to create a complete and balanced meal at home without fear of nutritional deficiencies or dangers.

Better Cells offers diet formulations for proactive cases, courses for DIY formulation, and free resources for RFN Sheet users. I also still offer free community support in Raw Fed and Nerdy!

When working with clients, I work to find a diet that works nutritionally and practically – a diet built on nutritional requirements based on science and research, and but tailored to meet to the unique nutritional, lifestyle and preferential needs of individual dogs and owners. Nutrition is a key factor in health and behavior, and I’m here to help.

Looking forward to working with you!

Jenny Ryoo
Owner of Better Cells

Here to Help

What We Offer

Custom formulations, recipe audits and toppers recipes for home made proactive diets.

Formulation tools to help you make your own recipes for dogs, cats, and packs.

Courses, guides and free resources about nutritional science and pet diet formulation.

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